4th years earning their ‘Fáinne’ pins

Our 4th year students have been working on improving their Irish language speaking skills this year by taking part in a ‘Fáinne’ language class.

The ‘Fáinne’ is a pin worn to show that you are able and willing to speak the Irish language. It is a central part of the government’s Bliain na Gaeilge celebrations in 2018.

The classes focus on speaking the Irish language, a crucial skill to develop as the Irish oral exam is now worth 40% in the Leaving Certificate exam.

To fully immerse students in the language, classes are conducted ‘as Gaeilge’. Photographs from sporting and musical events are used as prompts for conversation and a great emphasis is put on the importance of verbs in communication.

Instead of traditional written homework, students submit recorded audio files via email and are encouraged to Skype each other in Irish.

The classes are a great example of collaborative learning and the importance of teamwork when trying to learn a second language.

At the end of the module students will complete an oral proficiency interview where they will put their practice into action.

Those who complete the module will receive a fáinne at Graduation Night on May 15th which they can wear into their Leaving Cert oral exam to project a good first impression.

We hope this module will instill a love of speaking Irish in all students who take part and that this will stand to them in their senior cycle studies next year.