Accounting (H) 2019: A straightforward, uncomplicated paper

Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2019 Accounting (Higher Level) by Ray O’Loughlin, Accounting teacher at The Institute of Education.

A very straightforward, uncomplicated paper. Students who prepared well will be pleased with this exam. In line with one of its basic principles, the higher-level accounting paper could be described as being conservative in both topics examined and content.

Section 1: Short Questions:

A nice range of short questions provided great choice for students.

Question 1 saw a welcome return of company final accounts after a three-year absence. This was an uncomplicated question, and other than the calculation of depreciation on vehicles and a capital transfer, all other adjustments had appeared on previous papers.

Section 2:

Both the club accounts, cash flows statements and interpretation of accounts would all have been well received by students.

Club accounts, which last appeared in Section 2 in 2011, had a few added problems such as accumulated depreciation, the loan figure was missing and a national lottery grant appeared as a revenue item. It was very manageable however.

Section 3:

Question 8, on overhead analysis and job costing, or Question 9, on production budgeting, also provided a good choice for students, and required students to be very precise and accurate in their calculations.