Agricultural Science (H) 2014: A well balanced paper with a nice choice of questions

Comment/ analysis on Agricultural Science paper (Higher Level) by Donal Power, Agricultural Science teacher The Institute of Education

A well balanced paper with a nice choice of questions. Students who spent time preparing with past papers will be very pleased with this exam.

Question 1: (Short questions) Students had good choice here. The phrasing of first question was slightly tricky- The term ‘adulteration of milk’ may have been unfamiliar to some students.

Question 2: The Soil question, which has been challenging for the last few years, was more manageable.

Question 3: The Option 1 graph question about 2013 fodder crisis was manageable and nice and topical.

Question 3: Option 2 on liver fluke would have been popular with students.

Question 4: The experiments here were straightforward. The first two required students to design their own experiments and use common sense.

Question 5: This question on plant science mixed in a bit of soil science which was a bit unusual. However if students had practiced with past papers they would have found this quite doable.

Question 6- Some students might have found it hard to draw the digestive system of foul or a bird.

Question 8 – The cereal question in Part b was lovely and tied in nicely with the student’s practical work.

Question 9- There was good choice in the scientific explanation question.