Art History (H): A greatest hits of Leaving Cert Art History

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Reaction to Leaving Cert 2022 Art History (Higher Level) by Declan Kelly, Art History teacher at The Institute of Education.

This exam was a greatest hits of the Leaving Certificate Art History questions. Students should be delighted with this paper, as it was very fair and really gave them a strong platform to demonstrate their ability and knowledge after a difficult two years of study.

On a final note, this is the last Leaving Certificate art exam of this format. It will be all new from next year so, this was the ideal way to say goodbye to an exam format that has been used for many decades.

Section 1: Art in Ireland:

There was several very reliable and fair questions here that also catered for students looking to demonstrate additional knowledge and in depth understanding.

The questions were very approachable and most students would be well prepared for several answers.

It was nice to see artists like Harry Clarke, Jack B Yeats, Robert Ballagh and Colin Davidson appear on the paper.

Section 2: European Art:

Most art teachers and students alike will be very pleased with the outcome of this section.

Gothic, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Impressionism and Van Gogh are staples for many a class room, so seeing these questions would have been music to the ears of students sitting the exams.

These questions were well presented and very fair.

Credit again to the author of the exam for being considerate and understanding of the difficult period that students have encountered over the last two years.

Section 3: Art Appreciation:

There were several solid and safe questions in the mix here that have been presented in slightly
different ways in the past. Providing that students kept their heads and remembered to consider the
questions clearly, they would have found these questions very approachable.