Biology (H) 2018: Nothing unexpected on this paper

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2018 Biology (Higher Level) by Jean Kelly, Biology teacher at The Institute of Education.

Many of the questions on the Higher Level paper were quite specific and focused on smaller parts of the syllabus.

There was nothing unexpected, and students who had prepared with past exam paper will be very happy.

There was a nice structure to the questions, with students asked to ‘list, ‘state’ and ‘write notes’.

Unlike previous years, there was not as much emphasis on plants on the paper.

Student who are also taking Agricultural Science will be happy.

The wording in question 5, part C, on plant hormones, was quite tricky.

There was a lovely question on evolution in question 10, part C.

It was good to see the question on blood, heart and the nervous system appear in Section C, question 11.

It was also good to see a dihybrid cross appear on the paper in genetics, question 13.