Business (H) 2013: Required independent thinking from students

Leaving Cert Business 2013

Review of Business Higher Level paper by Keith Hannigan, Business teacher at The Institute of Education.

Despite a few challenging aspects, this was an accessible paper, which required independent thinking from students. The paper challenged students and focused on their ability to apply independent thinking rather than rote learning to their answers. This is always to be welcomed.

Independent thinking was required in the following sections:

In Question 1, Part C and Question 6, Part B, the word ‘evaluate’ appeared, requiring students to give their own personal opinion on the topics under discussion.

In a departure from a previous style of question, in Question 4, Part A, students were asked how to encourage intrapreneurship (rather than to give examples or define the term). This was a fresh angle on this topic and students would have had to carefully consider their response.

Students would have been pleased with Question 6 & 7, both which focused on marketing, a popular topic on the course. Yet again, students had to apply their own independent thinking here.

Students were examined on their knowledge of current trends in the services sector in Question 2. This was a topical and relevant question and a knowledge of current headlines would certainly have helped here.

The benefits of EU membership was examined in Question 3, again a very current and newsworthy topic. Some of the longer questions required knowledge of certain concepts, where students weren’t given a choice but had to use set headings. This could have proved challenging to some students.