Online Christmas Revision Course
for 3rd Year Students

Monday 28th – Thursday 31st December 2020

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This 4-day Intensive Online Revision course provides 3rd year students with expert tuition, high quality notes and key techniques to enable them to achieve their maximum potential in the Junior Certificate exams.

Students enrolling in this course will receive:

  • Daily live and interactive online classes.
  • Pre-recorded topic tutorials.
  • Recordings of classes to enable students to replay, rewind and re-watch all of their classes.
  • These recordings will be available to students until the end of the 2021 State Exams.
  • The Institute’s legendary class notes delivered to their home.

This course has been specifically designed with the student and their academic progression in mind. The topics that will be covered have been exclusively chosen by our expert teachers , in order to cover essential elements of the subject syllabus up to this point. All classes will be supported by The Institute of Education’s legendary class notes. These will be provided free of charge and will be delivered in December, in advance of the course start date. The course will also be available to access up until the end of the 2021 State examinations.

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Students attending these classes receive the following benefits:

  • Live interactive classes delivered by our expert teachers, during the course week.
  • Pre-recorded tutorials.
  • The opportunity to interact with teachers and ask questions during all online live classes.
  • Comprehensive course notes.
  • Strategies for maximising exam performance.


To learn more about what will be covered in the 3rd Year Online Christmas Camp, please select from the subject list below:


Business Studies

This course is designed to revise key elements of the Junior Certificate Business Studies syllabus.

Topics from:

  • Consumer /consumer protection/consumer choice.
  • Employment/rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.
  • Writing a Business Plan.
  • The Trading Account.
  • The Profit & Loss Account.
  • The Statement of Financial Position.
  • Government Revenue and Expenditure.
  • Economic Indicators.
  • Sustainable Development.
  • The Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) – an overview.

Notes will be given on other topics


English (H)

This course is designed to introduce students to the requirements of the new Junior Cycle English exam. As part of the course you will:

Topics from:

  • Focus on how to present your answers and how marks are awarded; looking at key indicators of quality in answers.
  • Some key grammar lessons.
  • Focus on elements of story writing.
  • Exploring and analysis of pictures.
  • Language of poetry and how to approach a poem.
  • Exploring different types of writing and how to create written pieces.
  • What to prepare for studied questions.
  • Overall a focus on key areas to improve your comprehension skills and presentation of answers.


French (H)

This course is structured to ensure students achieve the best results possible in their Junior Cycle French exam.

Topics from:

  • Listening and Reading Comprehensions.
  • Letter, Postcard, Message.
  • Grammar.


Irish (H)

This intensive Irish course is designed to introduce students to the requirements of the new Junior Cycle Irish exam.

Topic from:

  • Exam Layout and Technique, including exam preparation tips
  • Key Sections of the Literature Course
  • Grammar relevant to all sections of the course
  • Personal Response and Article Writing
  • Focus on Written and Aural Comprehension and Composition


History (H)

In this course students cover key elements of the Junior Cycle History syllabus, from both 2nd and 3rd Year.

Topics from 2nd Year Syllabus:

  • Luther and the German Reformation
  • John Calvin.
  • The Tudor Reformation.
  • Plantation of Ulster.
  • American War of Independence.

Topics from 3rd Year Syllabus:

  • 1916 Rising.
  • War of Independence and foundation of Northern Ireland.
  • The Treaty Negotiations.
  • The Changing Role of Women in Ireland.
  • The Rise of Hitler.
  • Life in Nazi Germany, 1933-1939.
  • Life in Stalin’s Russia.
  • The Causes of World War II.


Maths (H)

This class provides an opportunity for students to consolidate prior learning and maximise their potential for exam success. Due to syllabus length, Maths is divided into Section A & Section B. Each section is treated as a separate subject when calculating fees.

Section A – Topics from:

  • Day 1: Algebra
    *Soving Linear Equations
    *Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations
    *Factorising Algebraic Expressions (HCF, Grouping, Difference of 2 Squares, Quadratic Trinomials)
  • Day 2: Algebra
    *Solving Quadratic Equations (using factors and -b formula)
    *Algebraic Fractions
  • Day 3: Functions (Unified with Algebra)
  • Day 4: Area and Volume (Unified with Algebra)

Section B – Topics from:

  • Day 1: Co-ordinate Geometry of The Line (Unified with Algebra)
    *Points in the Plane and on the axes
    *Distance formula and Midpoint formula
    *Slope of a Line (Multiple Methods)
  • Day 2: Co-ordinate Geometry of The Line (Unified with Algebra)
    *Graphing Lines and finding Point of Intersection)
    *Finding the Equation of a Line (Multiple methods)
  • Day 3: Synthetic Geometry (Applications of Theorems)
  • Day 4: Trigonometry (Exam Question Practice)


Science (C)

This course is structured to ensure students achieve the best results possible in their Junior Cycle Common Level Science exam. Due to syllabus length, Science is divided into Section A & Section B. Each section is treated as a separate subject when calculating fees.

  • Focus is on exam technique, with constant exam question practice an integral part of every class.
  • Students receive clear and concise notes and solutions are provided to examination questions.

Section A – Topics from:

  • Acids and Bases
  • Atom and Bonding
  • Gas Production and Rates of Reactions
  • Photosynthesis and Respiration
  • Patterns, relationships and data plotting


Section B – Topics from:

  • Energy and energy conversion
  • Electrical energy, power and circuits
  • Density
  • Speed/velocity/acceleration
  • Ecology
  • Carbon and Water cycles

The Assessment Task
As part of the Junior Cycle Science Exam, each student is required to undertake an Assessment Task (AT). The AT is based on the second Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) (the Science in Society Investigation) and is worth 10% of the students’ final grade.

The 2nd CBA is carried out in December of third year and the AT will be carried out in April of 3rd year.

Below are the timetables for each daily session time and the classes that will be run during those sessions.

9am-10amBusiness Studies (Common)
English (Higher)
Maths (Higher) Section A
Science (Common) Section A
10.30am-11.30amBusiness Studies (Common)
English (Higher)
Irish (Higher)
Maths (Higher) Section B
Science (Common) Section B
12.00pm-1.00pmEnglish (Higher)
French (Higher)
History (Higher)
Irish (Higher)
Maths (Higher) Section A
Science (Common) Section A
1.30pm-2.30pmEnglish (Higher)
French (Higher)
Irish (Higher)
Maths (Higher) Section B
Science (Common) Section B
3.00pm-4.00pmEnglish (Higher)
Irish (Higher)

Please see below the fees for this course.
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Please note:

  • Credit Card payments accepted
  • 10% reduction for the second and subsequent members of the same family, attending the same courses. Please contact our office to avail of this discount.
  • Fees are non-transferable

Please click on each question below for an answer: 

Q: How long is the course?

A:       This course will be run over 4 days during the Christmas break. It will run from Monday 28th – Thursday 31st Dec.


Q: Is it possible to receive copies of the Institute’s class notes?

A:       Yes. Our online classes are supported by the Institute’s exam-focused class notes which will be delivered to students homes FREE of charge. Please allow five working days for delivery.


Q: How will I access my online courses?

A:       We will email you a link to the live classes for which you are enrolled, along with a unique password. Please allow one working day from time of booking.


Q: Who do I contact if I have difficulty accessing my online classes:

A:       If you experience difficulties accessing your classes please contact