5th Year Christmas Revision Course

Wednesday 28 – Saturday 31 December 2022

*Special Offer* 2 classes for the price of 1!
Offer extended until Monday, 5th December.

This 4-day intensive exam-focused course prepares 5th year students for success in their Leaving Certificate exams.  Classes are available on-site at our Lesson Street campus and online.

Our Leeson Street classes are also streamed live, so you can attend in person or watch the livestream. We also provide dedicated online classes which allow students engage directly with the teachers.

All students attending this course will benefit from:

  • Exceptional tuition from the Institute’s leading teachers
  • Maximum timetable flexibility
  • FREE live recordings of all their classes (available to replay immediately after the class and right up to the end of the 2023 State Examinations)
  • Exam focused class notes
  • Examiner insights
  • Strategies to achieve academic success

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To learn more about what will be covered on this course please select from the subject list below:


Biology (H)

This course is designed for 5th year students studying Higher Level Biology. Classes are exam-centered and particular attention is paid to past papers.

Topics include:

  • Scientific Method
  • Food
  • Ecology
  • Cell Structure
  • Cell Division
  • Enzymes
  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Osmosis/Diffusion/Active Transport
  • Human Breathing
  • Human Digestion
  • Excretion


English (H)

This course provides a detailed analysis of the prescribed material for Leaving Certificate English in 2024, with emphasis on providing the student with a solid foundation for further progress in 6th year.

Topics include:

  • Analysis of a selection of poems by Sylvia Plath.
  • Guidelines on how to compose effective poetry essays.
  • Analysis of the 2022 Paper 1, with a focus on how to approach the QA comprehension task and the features of Persuasive Language and Speech Writing.


French (H)

This comprehensive revision course is designed to help you focus on what you need to succeed in Leaving Cert French exam. The course offers a comprehension treatment of core grammar areas including: The Past Present and Future tenses.

This course will also provide you with everything you need to succeed in the written and listening comprehension exams.

Topics include:

Reading Comprehensions

  • Answering technique and key pitfalls to be avoided on the day of the examination.

Listening Comprehensions

  • Examination Technique and answering strategies.

Written Production

  • Here the focus will be on core vocabulary, answering strategies and sample answers for Diary Entries and Reaction Pieces.

This course is designed to link with the Easter Revision Course in order to provide you with the most comprehensive route to success.


Irish (H)

This course has been designed to comfortably introduce students into the literary and oral aspect of Senior Cycle Higher Level Irish.

Topics include:

Poems & Prose

  • Students are provided with excellent material for three poems and prose pieces while also providing an introduction to marking schemes and what these mean for students of Higher Level Irish.


  • Students are provided with essay material on the student’s immediate environment (sport and problems in a young people’s lives) and are shown how to structure an essay.

Oral Exam

  • Focusing on oral topics including on the immediate environment of young people (family, area, and school).

Aural Exam

  • How best to tackle the aural comprehension and provide some revision on the sentence structure of Irish.


Maths (H)

In this course students cover key elements of the Senior Cycle Higher Level Maths syllabus.

Paper 1- Topics include:

  • Quadratics
  • Day 2 Polynomials, Division
  • Day 3 Simultaneous Equations, Inequalities
  • Day 4 Powers and Logs

Students can choose to attend classes either live online or onsite at our Lesson Street campus in Dublin City Centre. Please see the timetable below for details.


Leeson Street Classes Timetable

9:00am - 10:15amEnglish (Higher)
9:00am - 10:15amMaths (Higher)
10:30am - 11:45amMaths (Higher)
12:00pm - 1:15pmBiology (Higher)
12:00pm - 1:15pmFrench (Higher)
2:00pm - 3:15pmIrish (Higher)


Online Classes Timetable

9:00am - 10:15amMaths (Higher)
10.30am - 11.45amEnglish (Higher)
12:00pm - 1:15pmIrish (Higher)
2:00pm - 3:15pmFrench (Higher)
2:00pm - 3:15pmMaths (Higher)
3:30pm - 4:45pmBiology (Higher)

*Special Offer*

2 classes for the price of 1!

SubjectFeeCost Per Additional Subject
1 Subject€325
2 Subjects€325FREE
3 Subjects€455€130
4 Subjects€585€130
5 Subjects€715€130
6 Subjects€815€100

Please note:

  • Credit Card payments accepted.
  • 10% reduction for the second and subsequent members of the same family, attending the same courses. Please contact our office to avail of this discount.
  • Fees are non-transferable.

On-Site Lesson Street Classes – FAQ

Q: What subjects are available in Leeson Street?

A: Please click here to view the timetable of subjects on offer at Leeson Street.


Q: If I enrol in a class in Leeson Street, can I also avail of classes online?

A: Yes, you can enrol in a combination of online and onsite classes.


Q: Are my onsite classes recorded?

A:  Yes, all classes, whether online or onsite, are recorded and available to students to watch back online for revision. All students will be sent login details for our student platform; Moodle, where they can watch back any of their classes.


Q: Are the class notes available online?

A: No, a hard copy will be provided to each student from the teacher for the subjects they enrol in.


Q: How much is the fee per subject?

A: This depends on the number of subjects taken. Please refer to the fees tab to see a list of fees.


Q: Are the classes conducted ‘lecture style’ or are students free to ask questions?

A: Our classes are run in more lecture style than most students might be used to in school. However, they are also interactive, and our teachers use a variety of methods to ensure that students can ask questions and contribute to the class.


Q: Is there a space to attend an dedicated online class, while in Leeson Street?

A: Yes, we will have a dedicated space where students can use their laptop / tablet to join an dedicated online class.  Remember to bring your headphones.

Online Christmas Revision Course – FAQ

Q: What subjects are available Online?

A: Please refer to the ‘timetable’ tab to view the schedule of subjects on offer online.


Q: How do I access my online grinds classes?

A: Students enrolled on the course will receive an email from us containing their unique login details and links to access their chosen subjects. Login credentials will be sent in advance of course start date. Only those details sent to you will enable you to successfully access classes online.


Q: How are the online grinds hosted?

A: All online classes are hosted live on Microsoft Teams. The links to the classes are accessed via Moodle. Students must sign into both Moodle and MS Teams with the @instituteofeducation.ie login credentials sent to the student.


Q: Are the online grinds pre-recorded?

A: No, each online grinds class is streamed live as per the timetable. Recordings of classes will be available after each live class is completed. These can then be replayed as a revision aid.


Q: Will I have access to recordings of the classes?

A: Yes, recordings of classes will be available after each live class is completed. These can then be replayed as a revision aid. These will be available up until the end of the 2023 academic year


Q: What equipment do I need to access online grinds?

A: We would advise that all students enrolling in our online grinds have the following:

  • Access to a reliable wifi service.
  • Access to a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or similar device.
  • We would not recommend using a mobile phone.
  • Headphones/earphones.


Q: If I'm attending the online classes will I have access to the notes?

A: Yes, students enrolled in online classes will receive a delivery of notes for each chosen subject. Please allow five working days for delivery from the time of booking.


Q: Are the class notes available online?

A: No, a hard copy will be posted out to each student for the subjects they enrol in.


Q: What style are the classes conducted in? Can students ask questions?

A: Our classes run in a more lecture style than most students might be used to in school, but they are also interactive, and teachers will use a variety of methods to ensure that students can learn and understand and feel comfortable asking questions and contributing to the class.