FREE Online English Masterclass For 5th Year Students

Thursday 4th February 2021 | 7pm – 8pm

Want to learn what it takes to achieve a H1 in the Leaving Certificate Higher Level English exam?

Our FREE Online English Masterclass is designed to help 5th year students achieve success in this important subject.

Delivered by our experienced English teacher Cian Hogan, this class will provide students with a comprehensive step-by-step breakdown of Papers 1 and 2, with specific focus on the exam marking scheme for each paper and and timing.

In this English Masterclass for 5th year students, Cian Hogan will provide a comprehensive step-by-step breakdown of what is required to achieve success in Leaving Cert Higher Level English.

He will focus specifically on the marking scheme and the methodology to help you maximise your potential grade in the Leaving Cert English exam.

This FREE online masterclass will take place on Thursday 4th February 2021, from 7pm – 8pm.