FREE Sample Grinds Classes for 6th Year Students throughout September in Dundrum

Tuesday 1 September to Saturday 3 October 2020

To celebrate the launch of our new location in Holycross National School, Dundrum, Dublin 14 we are pleased to offer students the opportunity to sample our weekly grinds for FREE throughout the month of September.

To secure your FREE classes now please contact us on 01 661 3511.

Further your learning and understanding of your chosen subjects each week with the help of our exceptional teachers and legendary class notes. Click here for further details on our weekly grinds classes.

This special offer is our gift to you and there is no obligation to enroll in further classes after this introductory offer has expired.

6th Year students attending our weekly grinds at our location in Holycross National School Dundrum, receive the following benefits:

  • Tuition from highly qualified and experienced educators.
  • Comprehensive, exam focused course notes, which support tuition.
  • Free nationwide delivery of all course notes to students attending online grinds.
  • A deeper understanding of each subject.
  • Strategies for maximising academic performance.

Subjects available for FREE Grinds Sample Classes at our Holycross National School Dundrum, Dublin 14 location are:

  • Maths (Higher)
  • Biology (Higher)
  • Chemistry (Higher)
  • English (Higher)
  • French (Higher)
  • Irish (Higher)

Our FREE grinds classes run from Monday 31st August to Thursday 3rd September 2020

Monday17:30Maths (Higher)
19:00Biology (Higher)
19:00Irish (Higher)
Tuesday17:30French (Higher)
19:00Chemistry (Higher)
Thursday17:30Maths (Higher)
17:30English (Higher)
19:00Biology (Higher)
19:00Irish (Higher)
Saturday12:00English (Higher)

We look forward to welcoming 6th year students to our location in Holycross National School in Dundrum, where we will provide weekly grinds in selected subjects.

All classes at our Dundrum location will delivered in line with prevailing public health guidelines.

The Institute at Dundrum
Holycross National School
Kilmacud Rd Upper

Dublin 14
D14 AD66

The Institute at Dundrum Grinds FAQs

Click on each question for the answer>>


Q: What subjects are available in Dundrum?


  • Maths (H)
  • English (H)
  • French (H)
  • Irish (H)
  • Chemistry (H)
  • Biology (H)

All other subjects will be available Online and in The Institute of Education, 79-85 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.


Q: If I enrol in a class in Dundrum, can I also avail of classes online or at Leeson Street?

A: Yes, you can enrol in other classes online or at Leeson Street. Click here for details.


Q: How long is each free grinds class?

A: Each class lasts 75 minutes.


Q: Can a 5th Year part-time student join a 6th Year class if the subject is not available at 5th Year level?

A: Yes, if they join the 6th Year class at the start of the Academic Year. Consideration must be given to any changes in curriculum. 4th Year students can join certain 5th Year classes provided they are not struggling with the subject, and again consideration must be given to any changes in curriculum.


Q: Can part-time students take up an extra subject or a subject that is not available to them in their own school?

A: Yes, with consideration being given to the suitability of the subject. It is advisable that students take on a new subject at the start of the academic year. Our 6th Year programme covers each subject in full. However, 5th Year students can join our 5th Year class and complete the subject over two years.


Q: How many students will be in the class? What is a typical class size?

A: Class sizes vary depending on the demand for each subject. Class numbers can increase as the year progresses, however this does not have a negative impact on the excellent standard of our teaching. Physical classes will be delivered in accordance to the prevailing public health guidelines.


Q: Are the grinds classes conducted ‘lecture style’ or are students free to ask questions?

A: Our classes are interactive and our teachers use a variety of methods to ensure that students can ask questions and contribute to the class.