Summer Online Grinds for 5th Year Students

Monday 22 June – Friday 17 July 2020

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At The Institute of Education we understand the challenges that students have faced over the last number of months. That’s why we have completely redesigned our summer courses for this year, identifying the most effective ways of delivering our exceptional teaching while allowing students to stay within the comfort of their own home.

The Summer 2020 Online Preparation Course is a short and engaging course aimed specifically at students entering 5th year of the Senior Cycle.

The course provides students with a unique blend of daily live online classes and pre-recorded video tutorials, all supported by The Institute of Education’s legendary exam-focused notes, which will be printed and delivered free of charge in advance of the course.

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Students attending the 5th year Summer Online Grinds receive the following benefits:

  • A unique blend of daily live classes and pre-recorded video content, all delivered by our expert teachers.
  • The opportunity to interact with teachers and ask questions during daily online live classes.
  • Access to pre-recorded video content to support class-room tuition, which students can review in their own time and play, pause and replay multiple times.
  • Comprehensive, exam-focused course notes, which will be printed and delivered free of charge nationwide.


To learn more about what will be covered in each subject, please select from the list below:



This course is structured to allow students entering 5th year Biology get a head start and

provide them with important knowledge of key topics that will stay with them throughout

the next two years of their Leaving Certificate. Students who attend this Biology course will

have a great first experience with the subject and be able to enter 5th year full of



As each topic is covered during this week students will be shown challenging questions from

the Leaving Certificate along with exam focused answers based on the marking scheme.

Each student will get a set of notes on the topics listed below along with every exam

question on that topic. These notes will contain what the student needs to know, nothing

more or nothing less.


Unit 1:

  • Scientific Method
  • Food
  • Ecology


Unit 2:

  • Cell Structure
  • Cell Division
  • Diffusion and Osmosis
  • Enzymes


Unit 3:

  • Blood and The Heart
  • Human Breathing
  • Human Digestion
  • Plant Structure



This course is designed to equip students with the confidence and knowledge they need to make a great start to 5th Year and succeed in Leaving Cert English.


The course will cover the following topics:


Introduction to Leaving Cert English

  • Expectations: The differences between Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert English.
  • Papers: An interesting analysis of Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Marking Scheme: How is Leaving Cert English graded?
  • Leaving Cert Answers: Tips and advice for upgrading your answers to Leaving Cert standard.
  • Mechanics: Focus on good writing – grammar, spelling and sentence structure. An analysis of common errors at Leaving Cert.


Paper I

  • The 5 Language Genres of Paper 1.
  • Writer’s Style: An introduction.
  • Comprehending I: Answering short comprehension questions.
  • Comprehending II: Completing short writing tasks.
  • Composing: Creative Writing – Detailed analysis of the most important question in Leaving Cert English.


Paper II

  • Shakespeare: Othello – An introduction and analysis of the play for 2022.
  • Comparative: A new question and concept explained.
  • Poetry: Unseen – Tips and ideas for answering the Unseen Poetry comprehensions.
  • Poetry: Studied – An introduction to the 2022 poetry course. Tips and analysis for answering poetry questions.




The course, which will combine pre-recorded videos and online teaching, will prepare 5th year students for the Leaving Certificate examination. Particular attention will be given to grammatical skills.

We will work at building a strong foundation in the language by providing grammar tutorials and extensive vocabulary needed for all sections of the examination paper.

Students will receive all the notes that they will need to start preparing for the French Leaving Certificate as well as advice around effective examination technique.

They will be encouraged to complete exercises on each topic studied everyday and to start working on past examination questions.

Day 1

  • Introduction to the paper – Overview of the 2019 paper and explanation of examination techniques. Focus on the reading comprehension, understanding the questions and techniques to answer them.
  • Grammar – How to structure a sentence – Determiners and prepositions.
  • Oral – Marking scheme, examination techniques. Presenting a document.

Day 2

  • The present tense – Formation and uses.
  • Introduction to opinion pieces – Techniques, vocabulary and study of past and sample questions.
  • Oral – Talking about yourself, your family, area and week-end.

Day 3

  • Past tense (1) – The passé composé – Formation, agreements, uses.
  • Introduction to diary entries – Useful expressions, examination techniques and study of sample and past papers, with a focus on the use of the passé composé.
  • Listening comprehensions – Advice / examination techniques.
  • Oral – last weekend, last summer.

Day 4

  • Past Tense (2) – The imparfait – Formation, uses, deciding between the passé composé and the imparfait.
  • Introduction to narrative stories – Useful expressions, examination techniques, practice with a focus on the use of the imparfait.
  • Oral – Practice of the passé composé and imparfait, with the theme of transition year.

Day 5

  • The future tense and the conditional. Formation and uses.
  • Introduction to e-mails – Examination techniques and practice, with a focus on the use of the different tenses.
  • Introduction to more structures – Plus-que-parfait, introduction to the subjunctive.
  • Oral – Practice of the future tense : next summer, university and future plans.


At the end of the course, the student will receive additional notes and material to help them prepare for all the examination requirements.



This 5th year German course will develop and reinforce the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, while concentrating on the skills and Grammar required for the Leaving Certificate Exam 2022.

  • The course will introduce journalistic and literary Reading comprehension practice concentrating on answering skills and techniques required for the leaving certificate paper
  • Leaving Certificate German Oral marking scheme and format will be covered in detail including some roleplays and pictures sequences for the Oral exam in 2022
  • Productive writing techniques and essential Grammar needed for the written paper
  • Essential Grammar areas covered … Tenses/ Cases / Word Order / Relative pronoun
  • Aural comprehension practice with emphasis on essential skills required for the aural exam using online authentic listening material.
  • The course will concentrate on building up and developing the student’s communicative skills in written and oral proficiency

Day 1:


  • 20 minutes introduction to the higher-level German Paper
  • Oral from a fifth-year perspective
  • 15 minutes present tense


Handout –  one handout booklet per day covering everything for that day.


  • Cover previous past paper material to explain video content.
  • Oral syllabus 2022 introduced / explained.
  • Roleplay / Picture sequence 2022
  • Introduction to present tense for written / oral
  • Oral theme covered.
  • Prepositions / cases introduced


Day 2


  • 15 minutes on Word order


  • Present tense used in written and oral
  • Introduction of word order and importance in exam
  • Sentence formation using conjunctions / word order
  • Approach to productive writing using oral material
  • Aural listening / skills required
  • Picture Sequence/ Role play 2022
  • Oral theme


Day 3:

Video (i)

15 minutes on Perfect tense


Video (ii)

15 minutes on cases 1        



  • Formation /usage of the perfect tense.
  • Introduction to the cases/ exam questions
  • Reading technique / practise on skills
  • Letter writing technique / Past tense
  • Future tense / Picture sequence 2022
  • Perfect tense usage in oral exam


Day 4:

Video (i)

15 minutes Imperfect


Video (ii)

15 minutes Cases part 2



  • Formation of the Imperfect tense.
  • Cases part 2 / exam questions covered and explained
  • Reading comprehension/ Imperfect tense usage
  • Picture sequence / role play
  • Tips on how to approach and improve listening skills
  • Oral theme


Day 5:


Video (i)

15 minutes on Word order 2 / sentence formation


Video (ii)

15 minutes on Relative pronoun             



  • Formation of the relative pronoun sentences
  • Word order / Conditional tense in Oral exam
  • Roleplay /Picture Sequence
  • Reading comprehension check list
  • Oral theme
  • Introduction to authentic online listening material




Detailed course content for Irish will be published shortly.



This course will revise aspects of the Junior Cycle course and bridge the gap to Senior Cycle content.  Each session will start by reviewing material the students have previously covered and then build up, until they are working on Leaving Certificate Higher Level material.  By the end of the course, the students will have met many new concepts and be well prepared for starting into their 5th year Maths programme in September.

The material covered each day will be as follows:

Day 1 – Algebra : Basic skills

Day 2 – Algebra : Solving equations

Day 3 – Functions

Day 4 – Coordinate Geometry of the Line

Day 5 – Trigonometry



The following is an outline of what we will cover in this course:

Day 1:

  • Grammar: Present tense/Reflexive verbs/Adjectives
  • Topics for the oral exam: Personal information/Family/Pets/
  • Revision and expansion of basic vocabulary: Numbers/Physical and Personality description/Parts of the body/Animals


Day 2:

  • Grammar: Verbs Ser and Estar / Prepositions of Place
  • Topics for the oral exam: Area / House / School / Daily Routine / Household chores
  • Revision and expansion of basic vocabulary: House / Furniture / Clothes / Telling the time


Day 3:

  • Grammar: Three past tenses/Pronouns
  • Topics for the oral exam: Last weekend / Last birthday / Last summer / Work experience
  • Revision and expansion of basic vocabulary: Work / Transport


Day 4

  • Grammar: Future/ Conditional/ Gustar and similar verbs
  • Topics for the oral exam: Plans for the future/Pastimes
  • Basic vocabulary: Food/In the restaurant


Day 5

  • Grammar: Present continuous/Commands/Sentence building/Common errors
  • Practice for the written exam: Dialogue, Diary entry and Note.
  • Vocabulary: The weather

Mon 22 June- Fri 26 June 20209.30m- 1pmMaths
9.30am- 1pmIrish
Mon 29 June- Fri 03 July 20209.30am- 1pmFrench
9.30am- 1pmGerman
9.30am- 1pmSpanish
Mon 06 July- Fri 10 July 20209.30am- 1pmEnglish
9.30am- 1pmMaths
9.30am- 1pmIrish
Mon 13 July- Fri 17 July 20209.30am- 1pmBiology
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1 subject€295
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3 subjects€575
4 subjects€745

Please note:

  • Credit Card payments accepted
  • 10% reduction for the second and subsequent members of the same family, enrolled on the same courses. Please contact our office at 01 661 3511 to avail of this discount.
  • Fees are non-transferable

Please click on each question below for an answer: 


Q: How long is each course?

A:       Each online course runs over 5 days, Monday – Friday. The course requires 3.5 hours of student engagement per day.


Q: What is the format of the course?

A:       The course consists of a blend of live online classes and pre-recorded video content. Students receive approximately 1.5 hours of live tuition each day and two hours of pre-recorded video tutorials. Live online classes are split into two or three sessions per day, starting no later than 9.30am and ending no later than 1pm. The maximum duration of any of the individual pre-recorded video tutorials is 30 minutes.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of courses I have access to?

A:       You can enrol for any number and any combination of courses you wish from our Summer 2020 Online Revision Course timetable. You will only have access to the courses and notes for the subjects for which you have enrolled.


Q: Is it possible to receive copies of the Institute’s class notes?

A:       Yes. Our online classes are supported by the Institute’s exam-focused class notes which will be delivered to students homes FREE of charge. In order to guarantee delivery of notes in time for the commencement of the course, students are advised to book their place at least two weeks in advance.


Q: How will I access my online courses?

A:       We will email you a link to the pre-recorded classes, for which you are enrolled, along with a unique password


Q: Who do I contact if I have difficulty accessing my online classes?

A:       If you experience difficulties accessing your classes please email