Weekly Grinds for 4th Year Students

Starting from Monday, 6th September 2021

Live online based grinds for the Academic Year 2021 – 2022

From September students will have the option to attend our weekly grinds classes LIVE online. This means students all over Ireland will be able to benefit from the exceptional teachers at The Institute of Education.

Our unique online grinds programme combine our exceptional teachers, live interactive online classroom, and legendary notes, to enable students to further their learning every week.

Taught by our exceptional teachers our online classes are fully interactive and our students will have the ability to ask questions and interact with their teacher during their classes.

This year we are excited to announce that all of our grinds classes will be recorded live. Our students will be able to re-watch, pause and rewind these class recordings making them an invaluable and essential revision aid. The live recordings will be available to our students until the end of the state exams in 2022. The school data policy is available here.

All of our weekly grinds classes will be supplemented by the Institute’s legendary class notes, which will be distributed and delivered to online students every month.

Over 4,000 students attended online classes with us in the last 12 months. 97% of students who did so said that they were very satisfied with the class delivery and format. 

Our commitment to you:

Whether you choose to attend our weekly grinds online or onsite the outcome will be exceptional.

*Classroom based classes will be delivered in accordance with prevailing public health guidelines.

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4th Year students attending our weekly grinds either online or in Leeson Street will receive the following benefits:

  • Expert Leaving Certificate tuition from the Institute’s highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Access to live recordings of every class – meaning students will never miss a class
  • The Institute’s legendary class notes to support online and in-class tuition
  • A deeper understanding of their chosen subjects
  • Strategies for maximising academic performance and exam success

To learn more about what will be covered in each subject, please select from the list below:


English Catch Up and Prepare for Senior Cycle
This course will revise key elements of the Junior Cycle that are necessary for Senior Cycle English and will serve as an introduction to Senior Cycle English.

Key areas will cover:

  • Writing tasks, both creative and functional
  • Comprehension, reading to understand and deliver
  • Engaging with and enjoying poetry
  • Revision of JC Shakespearean drama
  • Introduction to SC Shakespearean drama
  • Fiction-a closer look at the novel; characters, setting, plot, key moments.
  • Introduction to the concept of Comparative Study
  • Film Studies



This course is designed to help students in preparation for high success in their Leaving Certificate Higher Biology course.
The course will help bridge the gap for students between Junior Cert Science and Leaving Certificate Biology.
It will introduce the students to the key elements of the LC Biology course and will include topics from all sections of the syllabus.

These topics will include:

  • Ecology
  • Genetics
  • Human Biology
  • Plant Biology
  • Microbiology

The students will gain some practice with past papers and learn strategies and skills that are needed to maximise their marks in exams. Detailed notes and relevant practice questions will be provided.



This course will provide students with the skills needed to begin tackling the Leaving Certificate Irish course. A strong emphasis will be placed on grammar and language skills, with different grammar topics being covered each week to provide a strong basis of functional language that will enable students to be successful in all areas of the course.

Focus will be placed on oral language and vocabulary relevant to composition and comprehension questions. Students will engage with exam papers and marking schemes and discuss common exam mistakes to allow them to maximise their marks. Students will also begin to deal with literature and develop methodologies to deal with and prepare for all types of questions.

Topics from:

  • General language skills, grammar and vocabulary
  • Reading and listening comprehension: methodology, exam papers, key vocabulary and question phrases
  • Literature: samples from the poetry and prose course and important vocab
  • Composition: essays, speeches and debates
  • Study methodology and exam technique
  • Oral language and practice



This course is designed to encompass key elements of Junior Cycle Mathematics which are fundamental for success at Senior Cycle. There will be a strong emphasis on empowering students to gain the knowledge and skills that will benefit them directly for Leaving Certificate Mathematics.

Students will build on their proficiency in critical and creative thinking while focusing on developing computational thinking, and problem solving. Students will be encouraged to develop as learners within Mathematics by adopting a variety of approaches and strategies to increase self-confidence and personal effectiveness.

The course will revise aspects of the Junior Cycle while also focusing on key elements of Senior Cycle Mathematics.

Specific topics will include:

  • Algebra
  • Complex Numbers
  • Trigonometry
  • Co-Ordinate Geometry

Others topics from the syllabus with be visited.

This year we look forward to welcoming 4th year students from all over Ireland to our weekly LIVE online grinds classes.

Our live online classes are delivered as per the timetable. All classes are taught by our expert teachers using Microsoft Teams. This technology is reliable, intuitive and familiar to many students. It allows the teachers to dedicate their full attention to teaching and students to focus on learning.

This method of class delivery offers many advantages to students:

Interaction: Each student can interact with their teacher before, during and after class. Similarly, teachers can interact with their students either individually or as a class group

Progression: This two-way communication enables teachers to accurately gauge students’ ongoing progress and understanding

Clarification: Students may message their teachers directly if they prefer to seek further explanation on a particular point without interrupting the class

Over 4,000 students attended online classes with us in the last 12 months. 97% of students who did so said that they were very satisfied with the class delivery and format.

Our commitment to you: whether you choose to attend our weekly grinds online or on-site you can be assured that the outcome will be exceptional

Please note:
Login details for online classes will be issued to students by email before the start of the course.

We have provided answers to other Frequently Asked Questions below, but if you have any other questions, please contact info@instituteofeducation.ie.

Online Grinds FAQs

Click on each question for the answer>>


Q: What subjects are available Online?

A: Please click here to view the timetable of subjects on offer online.


Q: If I enrol in an online class, can I also avail of classes at Leeson Street?

A: Yes, you can enrol in other classes at Leeson Street. Click here for details.


Q: How do I access my online grinds classes?

A: Students enrolled on the course will receive an email from us containing their unique login details and links to access their chosen subjects. Login credentials will be sent in advance of course start date. Only those details sent to you will enable you to successfully access classes online.


Q: Are the online grinds pre-recorded?

A: No, each online grinds class is streamed live as per the timetable. Recordings of classes will be available after each live class is completed. These can then be replayed as a revision aid.


Q: Will I have access to recordings of the live grinds classes?

A: Yes, recordings of classes will be available after each live class is completed. These can then be replayed as a revision aid. These will be available up until the end of the State exams 2022.


Q: Are there any specific requirements to attending online grinds?

A: We would advise that all students enrolling in our online grinds have the following:
• Access to a reliable wifi service.
• Access to a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or similar device.
• We would not recommend using a mobile phone.
• Headphones/earphones.


Q: If I'm attending the online grinds will I have access to the notes?

A: Yes, students enrolled in online grinds will receive a monthly delivery of notes for each chosen subject. Please allow five working days for delivery from the time of booking.


Q: Are the class notes available online?

A: No, a hard copy will be posted out to each student for the subjects they enrol in, on a monthly basis.


Q: If I am doing weekly grinds, can I change my choice of subject or class-time during the year?

A: Yes. Please contact our office to arrange any changes on 01 661 3511.


Q: How long is each weekly grinds class?

A: Each class lasts 75 minutes.


Q: Can I sample a class to see if I like it?

A: Yes, any of our Junior or Leaving Cert weekly grinds can be sampled for one week, free of charge. Advance booking is required. To register your interest please click here.


Q: How much is the fee per class?

A: This depends on the number of subjects taken. Please refer to the fees table to see a list of fees.


Q: How many weeks of tuition are there in the weekly grinds course?

A: There are 29 weeks of tuition.


Q: If I start weekly grinds later in the year, will this be reflected in the fees I pay?

A: Yes, fees are reduced 3 times throughout the year.


Q: Is attendance at weekly grinds and part-time courses monitored?

A: Yes, attendance is monitored for each class attended. The Institute however accepts no responsibility for students who fail to attend class.


Q: Are there any breaks or holidays during the year for students attending weekly grinds or part-time courses?

A: Yes, there are breaks at mid-term, Christmas and Easter. Please refer to the timetable for more details.


Q: Can part-time students take up an extra subject or a subject that is not available to them in their own school?

A: Yes, with consideration being given to the suitability of the subject. It is advisable that students take on a new subject at the start of the academic year and notify their teacher. Our 6th Year programme covers each subject in full.


Q: What subjects would you recommend to take on as an extra subject?

A: The most popular subjects would be: Applied Maths; Economics; Business; Accountancy; Classical Studies and Agricultural Science.


Q: Are the classes conducted ‘lecture style’ or are students free to ask questions?

A: Our classes are interactive and our teachers use a variety of methods to ensure that students can ask questions and contribute to the class.


Q: For weekly grinds, does the beginning of a new term mean the start of a new course?

A: No, in the weekly grinds each subject commences in September and runs through to the end of the academic year in May. Students can catch up with what they might have missed by participating in the Christmas, mid-term and Easter revision courses.


Q: If I want to join weekly grinds during the year, can you tell me what remains to be covered on the course and what the student has missed?

A: Teachers have their own individual teaching plan for the year, and should be able to advise on this.


Q: My son/daughter is unwell and cannot attend further classes. Can I have a refund?

A: Should a student decide to discontinue their course at any stage, a refund will be processed for all remaining classes paid for in advance.


Q: My son/daughter cannot attend the course. Can we buy the notes?

A: No. Teaching is a central part of all our courses. The notes are to facilitate recall and revision of the day’s work covered by the teacher.

Below are the timetables for each of our weekly grinds locations for the Academic Year 2021/22.

NOTE: All classes are 75 minutes in duration.

*Students may join at any stage throughout the year, subject to availability.

Weekly schedule

WeekWeek CommencingNote
16th Sept 2021First Week
213th Sept 2021
320th Sept 2021
427th Sept 2021
54th Oct 2021
611th Oct 2021
718th Oct 2021
N/A25th Oct 2021Mid-Term
81st Nov 2021
98th Nov 2021
1015th Nov 2021
1122nd Nov 201
1229th Nov 2021
136th Dec 2021
1413th Dec 2021
N/A20th Dec 2021Christmas
N/A27th Dec 2021Christmas
N/A3rd Jan 2022Christmas
1510th Jan 2022
1617th Jan 2022Installment Due
1724th Jan 2022
1831st Jan 2022
197th Feb 2022
2014th Feb 2022
NA21st Feb 2022Mid-Term
2128th Feb 2022
227th March 2022
N/A14th March 2022St. Patrick's Day
2321st March 2022
2428th March 2022
254th April 2022
N/A11th April 2022Easter
N/A18th April 2022Easter
2625th April 2022
272nd May 2022
289th May 2022
2916th May 2021Final Week


Subject Timetable

Monday17:30English (H)
Tuesday17:30Maths (H)
Wednesday19:00Biology (H)
Thursday17:30Irish (H)

Number of SubjectsPrice
1 Subject€765
2 Subjects€1,310
3 Subjects€1,680
Each Subsequent Subject€370

Fees are calculated and reduced throughout the year at the following increments:

  • Week 5 – 10: 90% of base fee applied.
  • Week 11 – 16: 80% of base fee applied.
  • Week 17 – 29: 70% of base fee applied.

Onsite and online fees will be the same.  Premium will apply for the two-instalment payment option (10%).

Please note:

  • Card payments accepted.
  • 10% reduction for the second and subsequent members of the same family, attending the same courses. Please contact our office to avail of this discount.
  • There is a surcharge of 10% on fees that are paid in installments.
    • Installment 1 – price at booking
    • Installment 2 – 17th January 2022
  • Should a student decide to discontinue their course at any stage, a refund will be processed for all remaining classes paid for in advance.
  • Fees are non-transferable.