DCG (H) 2015: There was little or no room for rote learning in this exam


Comment/ analysis on Design and Communication Graphics (DCG) paper (Higher Level) from The Institute of Education

There was little or no room for rote learning in this exam, as all content in the questions was totally unpredictable. Across higher and ordinary levels, candidates were examined on an extensive range of geometric principles and their applications. They were afforded the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding of these principles to questions based on modern and vibrant everyday examples.

In Section A (HL) the Derry Peace Bridge made an appearance. Candidates needed to investigate the two inclined pylons (skew lines) supporting the cable structure.

In Section B (HL) there was an unusual yet clever exploration into Space Age Technology, where candidates had to analyse the transmission “beam angle” on the earth’s surface.

Overall, the use of everyday examples and appropriate colour images assisted the candidates visualisation of the problem and helped them to derive the solution.