Dublin Dental Hospital TY Programme

Pictured above, left to right: Charlie Maye, Emma Quinn, Katarzyna Baskiran, Amy Askin

The School of Dental Science in Dublin runs a day-long programme each year for Transition Year students, taking a maximum of 50 students each year. This year, four 4th year students from the Institute were selected to take part in the programme.

In the article below, Charlie Maye, one of the students selected, tells us a bit about his experience.

On Friday the 30th of November, Kasia, Emma, Amy and I attended an open day for the Dublin Dental University Hospital in Lincoln Place, just outside Trinity College. The course ran from 9am until 4pm and it allowed all the students present to get an enhanced understanding about what life as a dental professional is like.

After we signed in and were assigned to groups and brought up to the small lecture hall in the hospital. This is where we spent a good portion of the day, listening to different speakers who all held positions in the hospital. They each gave us information about what their job is like, how they became interested in this field, and how what it takes to qualify.

Personally, I found the talks about endodontics and pediatric dentistry particularly interesting. It was great to find out about dentistry specialties that I never even knew existed, and it definitely opened up my mind to other jobs in the dentistry field.

During the day, each group was also brought on a tour of the dentistry hospital by 4th year dental students studying there. We got to see the different wards, the library, the rooms where x-rays are carried out, and many other interesting places. The students were very friendly, and happy to answer any questions we had about the course.

We were also taken to a lab where we saw how artificial teeth are created. We got to see the molds that past students had made, and I was intrigued to learn about the process. I never had given much thought to this process before, and it was great to learn about how the molds would help patients with problems.

Finally, we got the opportunity to see where the students practice on dummies, and we got to see the equipment and technology that is used to help patients. I thought this was great, as I am very interested in how modern technology can help people and make advances in the area of human health.

Overall I found the day really beneficial. It really opened my eyes to career possibilities within the dentistry field, and I would highly recommend the programme to anybody in TY considering doing dentistry after school.