European Youth Parliament

European Youth Parliament 2014

4th year student Naomi St John tells us about taking part in the recent European Youth Parliament Regional Session 2014 …

On Friday 10th October, four apprehensive students from the Institute arrived at Presentation College Terenure for the European Youth Parliament’s Regional session.

team 2014

Our main objective for the weekend was to work with our committees on our chosen topic, addressing major problems facing the European Union. Friday evening was spent learning about our committees through extremely entertaining and original games, which helped us to become more confident with each other while enjoying ourselves immensely.



Saturday was spent working on the clauses and resolutions relating to our topic. We would later present these to the General Assembly and have to defend our position. This taught us a great deal about many different areas of both the European Union and European Politics as a whole.

The General Assembly was held on Sunday. Each committee presented the work they had done and defended their resolution. Every resolution was open to attack speeches as well as comments. However, the resolutions had only been available since the morning. This was great as it meant both the attacking and defending sides had to think on their feet. As well as this, it meant the committee had to work together with their counter arguments allowing those uncomfortable with speaking a way to become involved.


A vote was taken on each resolution. This showed us how powerful each vote is, as many of the results were by fine margins, often as a consequence of abstentions.

Overall, EYP was a terrific experience. It helped many people to express their opinions and taught us how to work well as a team, especially under a time limit. I learnt a great deal both from the activities we took part in and the people involved. EYP gave me a much greater confidence in public speaking while teaching me much about what is going on in the world around me. It was a fantastic weekend and one that I recommend no one should miss.

Naomi St John, 4th Year