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In this step-by-step tutorial, William Murphy, who has been teaching Business at The Institute of Education for over 24 years, illustrates how students should answer this popular question to gain top marks…



  • Units 1, 2 and 3 are very important this year – they will feature on the ABQ [20%] and usually Long Q1 [15%] and Long Q4 [15%] as well. They will also feature on the short questions. Therefore these units could well account for 50% to 55% of the paper in June. Make sure that you know them inside out.
  • Practice as many past questions as you can – sometimes questions that have appeared on the exam before come up again. Only allow yourself the exact time to answer them that you will have in the exam.
  • Use examinations.ie to source all the past exam papers and more importantly, the marking schemes.
  • Develop a plan for timing in the exam. Aim to get the short questions and the ABQ done in 70 minutes. Do not go over this.
  • Read the questions in the exam very carefully to make sure that you give the examiner the precise information required.



Section 1 – Short Answer Questions

The most common error is not giving sufficiently detailed points. Generally each point you make is awarded 5 marks, but that is broken down into 3 + 2, so make sure that you say two things on each point. Look at the examples of how to answer the short questions elsewhere in this article.

Section 2 – Applied Business Question [ABQ]

Common errors include:

  • Not quoting from the text of the ABQ at all.
  • Repeating a quote within the same question.
  • Quoting entire paragraphs, rather than the appropriate sentence.
  • Failing to provide meaningful evaluations.

Section 3 – Long Questions

Common errors include:

  • Giving too many points
  • Presenting the answers in essay format – the examiner expects you to write in points – look at examples elsewhere in this article.
  • Failure to answer the question asked.
  • Failing to provide meaningful evaluations.



This link contains summaries of and quizzes on Leaving Certificate Business: www.skool.ie


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