Exam Times – Economics

In recent years the Leaving Cert Economics paper has placed greater emphasis on what’s happening in the real economy. Students are now required not only have a solid understanding of their text books, but also to have an awareness of topical issues and real world events.

Arthur Russell, who has been teaching Economics in The Institute of Education for the past 35 years, explains why students who pay attention to what’s happening in the real world get the high grades…


Total exam time is two and a half hours.

Students should use the following only as an approximate guide.

  • Reading the paper and highlighting the key words: 10 minutes
  • Answering Section A: 30 minutes
  • Answering each Question in Section B: 25 minutes
  • Tidy-up time: 10 minutes


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Published on Thursday, 13th February, this supplement focuses on Leaving Certificate Economics.

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