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Home Economics Teacher Sandra Cleary illustrates how to answer a table/ pie chart analysis question in the Leaving Cert Home Economics exam…


Be familiar with the syllabus for Home Economics:

  • You can download a copy from the internet and every time you have a section of the course revised, refer to the syllabus to see if all of the topics have been covered during the revision. This will instil confidence in students knowing they have fully revised the Home Economics course.

Understand how the marking scheme works:

  • To work out the marking scheme highlight the key terms in the question and look at the allocated marks eg. If asked to ‘give an account’ for 8 marks – give 2 points @ 4 marks each. If asked to ‘list’ for 8 marks – give 4 points @ 2 marks each.

Prepare topics well for the compulsory sections of the course:

  • Eg. Section B, Question 1 study all of the six nutrients and practice analyzing tables and charts from previous Leaving Cert papers. Section C, study all the topics listed on the syllabus for the chosen elective as part (a) of each Elective is compulsory.

Complete 2 -3 short questions from Section A every night from now until the exam:

  • Allow approximately 2 minutes for each question. As a result students will have a ‘bank’ of completed questions to revise before the exam. Remember you are not prepared if you are ‘practicing’ short questions the night before the exam!

Practice long questions from previous exam papers for homework. It is very important:

  • To answer these questions in a realistic time to prepare for the pressure of managing time in the exam. Look up the marking scheme for your answers when you are finished (examinations.ie)



Lack of detail:

  • This is the most common error on the exam paper. Remember 4 marks = 1% of the overall grade (keep this in mind when answering questions). Very detailed answers are required for the A1 and A2 grades.

Long paragraphs:

  • Always answer in point format regardless of how the question is phrased. Elaborate on points according to allocated marks.

Poor quality diagrams:

  • Diagrams should not be learned directly from textbooks, they need to be practiced before the exam.

Out-of-date facts/figures:

  • Look up websites for current figures/statistics on social welfare payments, inheritance tax etc. as text books can go out-of-date very quickly.

Poor Time Management:

  • Do not spend more than the allocated time on each question or the exam will not be completed.

Not writing similar amounts of information on each point:

  • If the marking scheme is 5 points @ 4 marks each, write the same or similar amount of information on each point as many students write down 5 points but only write one line on a couple of points and 3 or 4 lines on other points. Be consistent or you will lose marks for not developing points sufficiently.



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