Exam Times – Junior Cert Business

The accounting section of the Junior Cert Business exam is challenging and requires significant attention to detail.

Arthur Russell, who has been teaching Business at The Institute of Education for 35 years, explains why practicing your booking keeping is essential if students want to achieve top marks in the Junior Cert Business exam…


Top Tops

  • Answer your favourite topic first. This will give you the feel good factor and make you more relaxed when answering the rest of the paper.
  • Have a good working calculator.
  • Purchase previous examination papers and practise as many questions as possible from these papers.
  • The bookkeeping section can be predicted quite easily. This section cannot be learnt and must be practised continuously. Areas like Final Accounts, The Trial Balance and Club Accounts are examined every year. In previous years these 3 topics have accounted for over 30% of the total marks from Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • If you have the time, answer more than the 4 questions on Paper 1 (Section B) and on Paper 2. You will be marked out of your 4 best questions.
  • Have plenty of rough work pages for calculations and keep these close to the relevant questions.
  • When answering any theory question make sure to state your point, give a brief explanation of your point and cap it off with an example.
  • Do not leave the examination hall early.


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Published on Thursday, 6th March, this supplement focuses on Leaving Certificate Business.

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