Exam Times – Junior Cert Maths

In the Junior Cert Maths exam marks are given for method as well as for finding the right answer.

Gerry Culleton, who has been teaching Maths at The Institute of Education for 16 years, advises students to ‘show their workings’ and attempt every part of each question in the Junior Cert Maths exam…

Exam Timing

The new Junior Certificate format gives a suggested maximum time for the completion of each question. This is indicated clearly at the top of the question.

Remember, this is a suggested maximum time. It is very important that you do not give more time to a question than the time indicated as you may run into a time problem at the end. If you remain within the suggested time for each question you should have about 10 minutes to review your work.

So keep an eye on the clock!


Marking Scheme

  • Questions do not necessarily carry equal marks. The main point to note is that it is not possible to predict the allocation of marks within a question.
  • The Project Maths marking scheme is quite different from the marking schemes used in the past.
  • There are 5 marking scales, with up to 6 categories per marking scale. It is a lot more complicated than the previous system. Don’t get hung up on the details of these marking schemes. The important thing is to answer all required questions, making your best attempt even if you are unsure, and avoid the common simple errors.


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Published on Thursday, 13th March, this supplement focuses on Junior Certificate Maths.

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