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The Leaving Cert Higher Level Irish exam changed radically in 2012. Fifty per cent of the overall marks are now awarded for communicative Irish, with the oral exam worth forty per cent and the aural worth ten per cent.

Clare Grealy, Irish teacher at The Institute of Education, explains why it has never been easier to obtain an A1 grade in Leaving Cert Irish and outlines how students can prepare effectively for the new exam …



  • Be very rigid with timing, especially with regard to Paper 2. The “léamhthuiscint” can often be very long and somewhat difficult and because of this, I would always advise students to leave this question until last. This being the case, you must adhere very closely to the allocated times set out above for questions 2, 3 and 4.
  • This depends on the question. In the literature/poetry sections, answer the question asked. For example, in the poetry questions, if you are specifically asked for “your feelings”, then your answer will be personal as opposed to writing on the feelings of the poet.
  • In the Ceapadóireacht section, watch “cruinneas na teanga” agus “Gaeilge Shaibhir” and adhere to the title. Remember, “Ceangal Cinnte Leanúnach”.



  • If you are asked two points in any question then lay out the two points clearly.
  • Be sure you understand the title of the essay. “If in doubt, leave it out.”
  • In relation to the Scrúdú Béil, practice is the key- cleachtadh!


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Published on Thursday, 30th January, this supplement focuses on Leaving Certificate Irish (Higher and Ordinary Level).

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