Film Studies – Christmas Movies To Watch

With the end of term and the Christmas break just around the corner, we spoke to our Film Studies group and asked them to suggest some great Christmas movies that they have recently watched and they gave us a fantastic list of films both old and new. You can check them out below. They had some great suggestions and there is definitely something for everyone in their list below. We definitely know what we’ll be watching this Christmas.

Here are the Irish films that they suggested and a little more about detail them.:

  • The Man Who Invented Christmas
    Dickens is often cited as one of the key creative forces behind our modern notion of Christmas and in this wonderful movie we see him grapple with own creations, dragging the miserly Scrooge into existence. Parts of the film where shot in Dublin and so you will find yourself occasionally pointing at the screen in recognition.
  • The Muppets’ Christmas Carol
    A classic and, oddly, tonally apt for the Dickens original. The Michael Cain reveal is one of the best in cinema. You will be humming the tunes and counting time is “sleeps” all Christmas.
  • Klaus
    A beautiful 2019 animated film. It is heartwarming, tear-jerking and deserves to enter the festive rotation.
  • Elf
    Starring an unhinged Will Ferrel and an unfringed Zooey Deschanel, this 21st Century classic reminds us to sing loud, deck the halls and put syrup on our pasta.
  • Home Alone
    Recently rebooted… reimagined… rewrapped and regifted, the original stays a festive essential. It reminds us of the value of family, the ingenuity of youth and to keep the change (you filthy animal).
  • Die Hard
    John McClane is like a grown up and grizzled Kevin McAlister. Instead of The Wet Bandits, we have Alan Rickman’s charismatic cadre. Also about family, in case you need to justify it to the folks.
  • Gremlins
    Tale as old as time: you are all ready for Christmas but suddenly realise you haven’t bought a loved one a present, so purchase a creature with oddly specific guidelines from a stranger on a whim. Who hasn’t been there…
  • Trading Places
    Funny and critical in equal measure. Contains a good explanation of the stock trading, so you could claim it as Economics homework.

Do you have any Christmas film suggestions?