Geography (H) 2014: An approachable, topical and fair paper

Comment/ analysis on the Geography paper (HIGHER Level) from Michael Doran, Geography teacher at The Institute of Education.

An approachable, topical and fair paper, which a well prepared student would have had little difficulty with.

Students would have been happy that many of the main topics were asked.

As with last year’s paper, it succeeded in relating the Geography course to the everyday world, with issues such as inflation, unemployment, renewable energy, multi national companies and the European Union all making an appearance on the paper.

Nice, balanced choice of questions.


Most students would have found the choice of questions in this section fair. In Question 2 students might have been surprised to have to answer on two landforms in the one question. Question 3 was more challenging, but there were other good options to take.


This is a section that many students find challenging. The mix of questions this year might have proved difficult for some students as there were some variations on standard questions. However, the skills questions would have helped them gain a good foothold.

ELECTIVES: A number of nice topical issues were raised in the electives.


The EU and multi national companies made an appearance here. These are two big, popular topics and students would have been happy to see them appear together in the same question.





This is a popular elective. The Central Place Theory question in Question 11 would possibly have been a difficult topic for a lot of students. Again however, the skills questions would have helped students with this section