Geography (H) 2018: New variations on old themes

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2018 Geography (Higher Level) by Michael Doran, Geography teacher at The Institute of Education.

A nicely balanced paper, with a good choice of questions. Although many of the key, traditional topics were asked, the questions contained new variations on old themes. This paper proves once again how important it is for students to read around the subject and not limit themselves to the textbooks when they are studying geography.

Physical Geography:
A good choice of questions in this section, with regular topics such as isostasy, land form developments and human interaction with the rock cycle all appearing. There was good variation on the Weathering question. Students who had studied past exam papers would have been very happy with this section.

Regional Geography:
A very good mix of questions here, referring to culture regions, urban development and economic activities. Interestingly the spectre of Brexit hung over one of the questions, as it asked about the challenges facing the future European Union, relating to political union, economic union and sovereignty.

There was good mix of questions in both the Economic and Human Elective.

In the Economic Elective students might have been disappointed that one of the regular favourites, EU Policy in Ireland, was not asked. Other key topics such as economy and the environment and MNC’s did appear though.

In the Human Elective a question about how trends in migration are impacting on migration policy in Europe showed how the subject is being related to the present day.

Option Unit:
Most students would have opted for Genecology and any well prepared student would have been very happy with the fairness of the questions here.