German (H): A fair paper with some nice, topical themes

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Reaction to Leaving Cert 2022 German (Higher Level) by Orla Ní Shúilleabháin, German teacher at The Institute of Education.

This was a fair and accessible paper with some nice, topical themes.

Like last year, students only had to answer one comprehension. Normally they must answer both.

COMPREHENSION 1: (Literary Comprehension)

This was an interesting story about Esther, who goes on a two-week holiday with her family. While away she meets and falls in love with a boy. At the end of the holiday, he tells her he is a refugee and then tells her his story about his family’s experiences fleeing from war.

This was a very current and relevant theme.

The questions were fair, easy to understand and accessible to all levels.

Grammar Section:

This section was worth 10% of the paper and it involved putting verbs into the imperfect and filing in propositions. It was a lovely section and there was something for everyone here.

COMPREHENSION 2: (Journalistic Comprehension)

The second comprehension was also very topical. It was about third level students Philip and Pia and their experiences studying at home during Covid 19.

Again this theme was very relevant, as it dealt with a topic that is very familiar to all students who studied at home during the pandemic.

The questions were balanced and manageable.

Written Production:

This was a very nice section, with familiar and relevant topics.


There was something for everyone in the written section.


There was a very nice selection of student friendly topics here including podcasting, work experience after the Leaving Cert, the Irish language, what students did during Covid to ensure they weren’t bored, and moving out of home after the Leaving Cert.


The themes here were again very relevant and included staying fit, male and female sports, online challenges, an increase in the number of books being sold to young people during Covid, different forms of transport and the idea of a car free city.

There was nothing that students could have learnt off here, but there was a lot of material from the oral exam that would have helped students in this section.