German (H): A student friendly paper with a wide range of topics

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2021 German (Higher Level) by Orla Ní Shúilleabháin, German teacher at The Institute of Education.

This was a very student friendly paper, with a wide range of topical and interesting themes.

The layout of the paper was excellent and the questions and instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Comprehension 1 was the most challenging part of the paper. In both comprehensions students were asked to give details in their answers, so hopefully students would have provided enough of this. Due to changes this year, students only had to answer one comprehension. Normally they must answer both.

COMPREHENSION 1: (Literary Comprehension)

This was an interesting but long story about an actor called Noah, the different stages of his career and what happens when he steals a spear from a statue.

This comprehension was the most challenging part of the paper. There was some tricky vocabulary and students would have had to read it at least twice.

Grammar Section:

The grammar tasks were nice and would have been accessible for most students.

COMPREHENSION 2: (Journalistic Comprehension)

This was about two young people, one German and one Mexican, who meet in Harvard but do not speak each other’s language. It deals with how they maintain their relationship over seven time zones.

This was a nice comprehension and would have been accessible to most students.


This year students had to do 4 from 5 topics in the written section. Normally they have to do 4 from 4.


There was a very nice selection of student friendly topics here including your typical Sunday; what you watch on Netflix and YouTube; what do you think of Tik Tok and Instagram; and working from home.

One particularly interesting question asked students to discuss what they buy online and if they could imagine not buying anything for a year.

Students would have found these topics interesting and accessible and would also have covered some of the material for the oral exam, which would have been helpful.


This section focused on the relevant issue of the modern workplace.

There was great scope here, with topics including advantages and disadvantages of a virtual office; what jobs can you do at home and what are not so suitable; advantages and disadvantages of YouTube as a medium for learning; and experiencing travel through blogs and Instagram.