German (H) 2013: Presented students with a range of topical, relevant and interesting questions

Leaving Cert German 2013

Review of German Higher Level paper by Orla Ni Shuilleabhain, German teacher at The Institute of Education.

Although challenging in parts, this was a fair paper which presented students with a range of topical, relevant and interesting questions. The grammar section was testing and required a high standard of grammatical ability. Weaker students would have found it particularly tough. The paper well reflected the material covered in the oral exam at Easter which would have been welcomed by students.

Comprehension 1- Literary Comprehension: This was a well pitched section, with some testing vocabulary in places. Students would have found the German language question manageable and accessible. Theme of Change was reflected in Question 4, which gave scope to all students.

Applied Grammar: Section 1 required students to label verbs in different tenses. Section 2 required students to fill in adjectival endings. Both sections would require students to have a high standard of grammar and would be very testing for the average to weaker student.

Comprehension 2: Reflected the theme of travel and house exchange. This theme would have been welcomed by students as it is relevant to the oral picture sequences that were covered in the German Oral exams at Easter. Overall the Comprehension was accessible and gave every level scope.

Section 2- Written section: In Part B students were asked to discuss saving money, which was topical and relevant theme. Students were also asked what they would do if they won the lotto. The conditional nature of this question would have proved challenging to the weaker students.

Letter: (optional) This section left very little room for prepared material and students were required to think independently. The themes of travel, diets, blogging and internet usage and body tattoos were all explored. The themes were well considered and would have been interesting and relevant to students. The conditional tense was once again required here, which would have put students on the spot and tested their ability well.

Short essay: (optional) The themes of heavy school bags, travel, digital media in schools and how young people spend their time ‘offline’ were all explored. Once more, all topics were well considered. They would have been of relevance and interest to young people and would have provided them with good scope.