Higher Level History – Advice for 2019

If you’re aiming for a high grade in the Leaving Cert History exam, you really need to pay attention to the DBQ!

Susan Cashell, History teacher at the Institute, explains the importance of the Documents Based Question and what you can do to maximise your grade in the exam.

As Susan explains, students often neglect the DBQ, despite the fact that this section is worth 100 marks.

There are three Case Studies for the Document Based Question:
1. The First Programme for Economic Expansion, 1958-1963
2. Impact of the EEC on fisheries
3. The impact of RTÉ,1962-1972

It is crucial that students revise all three case studies when they are preparing for the exam.

To help with revision, Susan is sharing a 100-marker DBQ answer below.

Documents Based Question: Sample Answer: DOWNLOAD NOTES HERE>>

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