History (H) 2019: A fair and very well-balanced paper

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2019 History (Higher Level) by Susan Cashell, History teacher at The Institute of Education.

Overall a nice, fair, well-balanced paper. Well-prepared students shouldn’t have had any difficulties with this paper.

Documents Based Question:

In the DBQ, the comprehension questions were clear and to the point.

The contextualisation was nice and straight-forward and was the nicest question in this section.

Section 2- Irish History:

Topic 3 (The Pursuit of sovereignty and the impact of partition, 1012-1949), Question 2, on the Eucharistic Congress and its significance for Church and State, was a lovely, very well-balanced question.

Topic 3, Question 4, was a really lovely question on Anglo-Irish relations, 1923-1949. The only problem here would be to stop writing!

Topic 5 (Politics & society in Northern Ireland, 1949-1993), Question 1, on Terence O’Neill, was a really good question that gave great scope to students.

Section 3- Europe and the Wider World:

In Topic 3 (Dictatorship & democracy in Europe, 1920-1945), there was a really excellent question on the characteristics of fascism.

In Topic 3 there were also particularly nice questions on Stalin and also the social and economic problems facing Britain during the inter-war years.

In Topic 6 (The United States and the world, 1945-1989), it was nice to see a question on the 1969 Apollo moon landing, on this, its 50th anniversary.