Home Economics (H) 2018: A well predicted paper

Reaction to the Leaving Cert 2018 Home Economics paper (Higher Level) by Sandra Cleary, Home Economics teacher at The Institute of Education.

Students who studied past exam papers will have been richly rewarded. Topics that haven’t featured on the paper in a number of years appeared this year. The questions asked were very factually based and little opinion was sought from the students. Students will have been delighted to see the widely anticipated lipids question appear in the compulsory Question 1.

Short questions:
A broad selection of questions appeared here. There were questions from every angle, and students would have had to cover all topics on the course. None of the questions asked were too difficult however.

Ques 1: (compulsory question)
Students will have been delighted to see the well predicted topic of lipids appear in compulsory Question 1. The table that appeared in this question was very straight forward and the easiest that it has been in years.

Question 2:
This was a nice question on vegetarianism, which hasn’t been asked since 2009. There was nothing unexpected about this question.

Question 3:
Students would have been expecting this question on food additives, which hasn’t appeared since 2011.

Question 4:
This was a nice, accessible question on the fridge, a topic that last appeared on the paper in 2007.

Question 5:
This was a nice, straight forward question on children’s rights, and conflict between adolescents and adults.

Elective 1 &3:
The topical issues of homelessness and rent in the private sector appeared in Elective 1. Students who are up to date on current affairs would certainly have been at an advantage here.

The issues of volunteers, leisure and education appeared in Elective 3.