I didn’t get my first choice offer, what should I do?

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Mary Dorgan, Guidance Counsellor at The Institute of Education, offers some advice to students who may not have received their first round offer from the CAO…

Firstly, examine the course you have been offered. It may not be what you hoped for, but you did put it on your CAO application, so at some point it seemed like a good choice. Would you like it? Could you like it? If yes, accept the offer.

If you definitely do not want to accept the offered course – do NOT accept it. There are the following options;

  • If you have missed your course by a few points, wait for the second round offers as the points requirements may fall.
  • Submit your script recheck application by Wednesday September 4th. A recheck may result in a higher grade being awarded, however a recheck MAY result in a lower grade being awarded.
  • If you do not accept an offered place, you will NOT be offered a course lower down your list. You should check the list of unfilled places or ‘vacant places’ on the CAO website. Also check out the PLC courses on the qualifax website.
  • Take a year out. Reapply to the CAO in January 2014 for next year, with a revised list of courses.

Finally, repeating the Leaving Certificate is a viable option for thousands of students every year, with hard work and great tuition you can try and make sure that you achieve the required points for your chosen course next year.