I have my exam results, what next?

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Mary Dorgan, Guidance Counsellor at The Institute of Education, offers some advice to students who may not have received the points they were hoping for in their Leaving Certificate…

If you are happy with your results, wait for the CAO first round offers on Monday, 19th August and all being well, simply accept your place!

If you are unhappy with your results, consider each of the following options:

Make an application to view your scripts as mistakes may have been made (correctors are human too!) The closing date for receipt of this application is August 20th. The student MUST be present to view the scripts.

If Maths has been the stumbling block to the course you desire, many institutions now offer a “second-chance” exam for particular courses. NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway, DIT, GMIT and UL are among those that offer such an exam. Check the college websites for dates and further information.

There are often many other ways to get to different careers. It may take slightly longer going through the PLC route or it may be more expensive going through the Private Colleges route. However, all options need to be considered.

The ‘R’ word – no, not ‘Recession’ this time but ‘Repeating’. Reflect carefully on the work you did last year. Only you can answer if you are capable of doing considerably better next year by repeating. Every year we see many students making this difficult choice and reaping the benefits in 12 short months.