Irish Paper 1 (H) 2013: One of the fairest examinations in many years

Leaving Cert Irish 2013

Review of Irish Higher Level Paper 1 by Clare Grealy, Irish teacher at The Institute of Education.

Overall this Irish paper was possibly one of the fairest examinations in many years.

Essay: The essay titles were quite broad, allowing students to interpret the presented topics in a manner that they chose. With one title, ‘Rudaí sa saol a théann I bhfeidhm orm’ (‘Things that have an impact upon me’) students would have had to be careful to write about more than one thing, when responding to this essay title.

Sceal Section: The only challenging part of the paper appeared in this section. The Seanfhocal: ‘Is minic a bhíonn ciúin ciontach’ (‘Silence often denotes guilt’), would not have been that familiar to students.

Aural: There was nothing new in the questions presented to candidates in this section.