Irish Paper 2 (H) 2013: Students would have been happy with this paper

Irish Higher Level

Review of Irish Higher Level Paper 2 by Clare Grealy, Irish teacher at The Institute of Education.

Despite a new departure in terms of the style of questions asked, students would have been happy with this paper.

Question 1: Comprehension: Two extracts were presented- one on Steve Jobs, his life and his input in to the effects of modern technology, and the second on Radio na Gaeltachta , its foundation and development over the last 40 years. Both topics were accessible and will have been of interest to students. Vocabulary would not have been problematic in either.

Question 2: A surprising departure from previous years, where the prose question was divided in to three, with students required to answer two. This new style of question will have made it easier for students not go off the point but might have made their answers quite long. The piece of prose asked was ‘Oisín i dTír na nÓg’.

Question 3: Poetry: This question dealt with the area of humour. In relation to the poem in question, ‘Mo Ghrá-sa (Idir Lúibíní)’ the question was very predicable.

Optional- Question 4A: (Play): A very high percentage of students would have been opting for the play ‘An Triail’. The question asked on this was quite narrow, based on one character only.

Optional-Question 4F: (Poetry): If students were answering this question, the poem examined, ‘Éiceolaí’, would have been regarded as one of the easier poems in the section.