Irish Sign Language Course

Learning new skills and developing confidence is an important part of the 4th year experience here at the Institute. With that in mind some of our 4th year students recently completed a 13 week course in Irish Sign Language (ISL).

The course was delivered by Deaf Communications, an organisation that provides services and resources for deaf people and their families.

In the short article below, 4th year student Aoife Fitzpatrick tells us a bit about her experience learning ISL:

From the 25th September 2018 to the 15th January 2019, several 4th year students, including myself, attended a course of Irish Sign Language classes. Some of us were doing them for our Bronze Gaisce Award, some just for fun.

We were taught by a man named Chris, from Deaf Communications, who gradually led us through the basics of sign language using conversations and games.

By the end of the 13 weeks, we were able to greet each other, say our names, where we live, our birthdays, our phone numbers, our hobbies, and our favourite foods. We also learned how to sign the Christmas carol ‘Silent Night’ and performed it at our Christmas concert in the school.

I’m very happy that I decided to do this course for my Gaisce Award as I feel that it will be useful as I get older and encounter all kinds of different people. I’d highly recommend that if you get the chance to study ISL in the future to absolutely take the opportunity!