Italian (H): A fair, modern paper with an excellent range of topics

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Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2022 Italian (Higher Level) by Erika Capello, Italian teacher at The Institute of Education.

Overall, this was a fair, modern paper with an excellent range of familiar and accessible topics.

Plenty of choice meant that students of all levels could find an exercise to suit them.

Topics included the importance of travel, getting to know new cultures and the possibility of working abroad, all themes that have touched the lives of students.

The way the questions were put allowed students of all levels to demonstrate their knowledge and reflect their level of ability.


Like last year, students only had to answer one question in section A or B. Normally they must answer both sections.

Section A: Reading Comprehension – Journalistic Passage

The theme of remote working, and the possibility of working abroad, came up here. This was a nice, open, familiar topic for students. The vocabulary was very accessible and the questions were more than fair.

Section B: Literary Passage

In this section students had three choices:

The unseen passage was not particularly easy, but it was manageable.

In the passage from the prescribed novel, the vocabulary and questions were quite precise and challenging.

The essay in English, which is usually the most popular choice, was challenging this year. Students would have found it hard to develop their answer about the relationship between the two friends over a page and a half. As a result, most would probably have opted for the journalistic passage in section A.

Section C: Writing

The opinion piece was linked to the journalistic passage and focused on the importance of travel and the possibility of working abroad. Again, students of all levels would have enjoyed and could express their views on this topic.

The guided composition was very straightforward and there was nothing to catch students out here.

In the formal letter, students had a choice between a cover letter and a request for information.

The cover letter is usually a job application. However, this year it was an application for a course. Students may have been surprised to see this at first, however the same vocabulary was suited to both, so they would have found the question very manageable.

In the request for information, students had to book a stay in a hotel in Italy. The catch here was that they had to book, not for themselves, but for their neighbours. They would have been prepared for this however, so again, the question was very approachable.