Italian (H): A topical and relevant paper, with excellent choice

Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2021 Italian (Higher Level) by Erica Capello, Italian teacher at The Institute of Education.

This was a topical and relevant higher-level paper.

Despite being a little bit challenging in places, the wide range of excellent choices meant that all students could find an exercise to suit their level.

Sections A & B: Reading Comprehensions

Due to changes to the exam this year, students only had to answer one comprehension. Normally they must answer both.

In the journalistic passage in Section A, the theme of technology came up. This was a nice, relevant topic for students and the vocabulary was very accessible.

In the literary passage in Section B, students had three choices:

  • The unseen passage, which was quite manageable.
  • The passage from the prescribed novel, which was more challenging and had some advanced vocabulary.
  • An essay, which would have been the most popular choice. The topics that appeared here were not the most expected ones, however students should still have been able to complete the exercise without too much difficulty.

Section C: Writing

The opinion piece was about technology and its role in students’ lives. This is a common topic and it was not too difficult. All students should have been able to write something about the topic

The second exercise, the guided composition, was very fair. This year, only six points out of ten were mandatory here.

The last exercise was the formal letter. Students had the choice between a cover letter and a thank you letter. Both exercises were very manageable and there were no unexpected parts to them.