Maths Paper 2 (H) 2013: Not as accessible as Paper 1

Leaving Cert Maths 2013

Review of Maths Higher Level Paper 2 by Aidan Roantree, Senior Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

This exam will have been welcomed by the vast majority of students. Although perhaps not as accessible as Friday’s paper, most questions will have been familiar to students from questions on previous sample papers.

Section A: (Concepts and Skills) By in large there can be few complaints about questions 1-6 in Section A. However, In question 5, the proof of the Sine Rule was examined. Surprisingly, students were allowed to use a short method based on the area of a triangle, in contrast with the recommended method of proof outlined in the teacher handbooks. Few students would have been aware of the short method.

Section B: (Context and Applications) In spite of the fact that question 7 contained 13 separate parts, most were shorter and more concise than in previous papers and students should have been able to complete the question within the required time.

Question 9, while similar in appearance to last year’s robotic arm question, in practise worked out far more easily.