Maths Paper 1 (O) 2014: A lovely, accessible paper

Comment/ analysis on Maths Paper 1 (ORDINARY Level) from Jean Kelly, Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

A lovely, accessible paper. Overall there were very few topics asked and even the harder topics that did feature on the paper weren’t that demanding. Students of all abilities would have left the exam with a smile on their face.


Section A was very manageable. The questions were straightforward, with clear language used throughout.

The questions were very similar to the sample papers that were given out last year.

Question 2 on Complex Numbers, Part a, iii, may have caused difficulty for some students, as they were asked to explain, in their own words, the theory behind the application.

Functions & Graphs and Calculus, always the hardest topics on the old syllabus, which many students would have been apprehensive about, were far less challenging than anticipated.



Students would have found the questions in Section B very similar in terms of standard and format to those of the old Junior Cert Maths syllabus.

There was nothing unexpected here.

Two parts of the syllabus that normally appear on Paper 2, Area & Volume and Co-ordinate Geometry, were integrated in to other topics in this section, which may have surprised some students.