Maths Paper 1 (H) 2019: A fair algebra paper

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2019 Maths Paper 1 (Higher Level) by Aidan Roantree, Senior Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

Overall students will be very pleased with the Higher Level Maths Paper 1.

They will have found it fair, and much shorter and easier than they experienced in their mock exams.

While some of the more tricky elements of the course were examined, these would only have accounted for a relatively small number of marks. And most of them had been well flagged.

Like last year, there was no financial maths on Paper 1. But don’t put away your financial maths notes just yet! Remember what happened last year: Financial maths made an unwelcome appearance on Paper 2 on the Monday morning.

If any topic could be said to have dominated Paper 1 this year it is algebra. A large number of questions, in both sections, required different elements of algebra. This is not to say that calculus, both differentiation and integration, complex numbers and sequences & series were absent. They were there all right, but not in any dominant way.

Many of the Section A questions were very well thought out and quite clever. Some managed to range over three topics in the one question.

The Section B questions were fair and manageable. Although one required the solutions of a number of slightly awkward trig equations, Question 9 involved the much-anticipated practical max and min questions.

Overall, most students will be more than content. It could have been far worse!