Maths Paper 1 (O) 2019: A lovely paper

Reaction to Leaving Cert 2019 Maths Paper 1 (Ordinary Level) by Jean Kelly,  Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

A very nice paper, with clear, accessible language. Algebra, financial maths, and functions & graphs all appeared heavily on the paper. The last question, Question 9, may have thrown some of the weaker students.


Question 1 on income tax was lovely and straight-forward.

Question 2 was on complex numbers. Part B hasn’t been asked since Project Maths started and students would have been well prepared for it.

Question 3 was a clear, very manageable question on functions & graphs.

Question 4 on algebra was completely expected.

Question 5, Part A was on the Trapezoidal Rule. There was a bit of measuring involved here, which may have surprised some students, as area and volume normally appears on Paper 2.

Question 5, Part B involved converting metres per second to kilometres per hour. This may have caught a few students out, although it was on the sample paper proved by the Department.

Question 6 was another algebra question. Part B, on indices, a topic that students tend to fear, was a lovely question.


Question 7 was on functions & graphs, mixed with a rates of change Calculus question. This was a very nice question.

Question 8 was a very straight-forward algebra question.

More financial maths appeared in Question 9. This was a little more challenging and thought provoking, but again, the language used was nice and easy to understand. The question itself may have thrown some of the weaker students.