Maths Paper 1 (O) 2015: Very few topics came up in great detail


Comment/ analysis on Maths Paper 1 (ORDINARY Level): Jean Kelly, Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

For a course with a wide range of topics that could be asked, very few came up in any great detail. Financial Maths, Functions and Graphs appeared in a number of questions. Overall students will be very pleased with the Ordinary Level Paper 1, and it will give them confidence going in to Paper 2.


The first two questions were on Financial Maths and Arithmetic and would have posed no difficulty to students.

The Algebra Question 3, Part C, may have been slightly challenging if a students didn’t know how to Factorise a Quadratic Equation.

Question 4 and 5 had a lovely mixture of Functions and Graphs, Calculus and Algebra and were very manageable questions.

Question 6 was on Complex Numbers. The mention of an angle might have scared off a few of the weaker students, but if they kept their heads down they would have worked through it.


Question 7, which is worth a total of 70 marks, was on Number Patterns and could have been worked out using very little knowledge of the topic.

Question 8 on Graphs and Calculus very like the sample papers and was very accessible, even for weaker students.

Question 9 mixed Graphs with Financial Maths and was very manageable.