Maths Paper 2 (H): Fair, but some questions had a sting in the tail

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Reaction to Leaving Cert 2022 Maths Paper 2 (Higher Level) by Louise Boylan, Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

This was a well thought out and balanced paper, which was accessible but had enough in there to keep the high achieving students on their toes.

Overall it was a fair, but it did have some challenging parts. The majority of students should have been able to complete much of the paper.

It would have benefited students to take time at the start of the exam and select their questions wisely, as some questions had a sting in the tail.


Question 1 was on probability. The question had a really nice opener, but part c was more challenging and involved ratios, which some students find difficult.

Question 2 was co-ordinate geometry of the line. Again, it had a nice beginning, but the last part of the question was tricky and involved some algebra and surds which some students find off putting.

Question 3 was on coordinate geometry of the circle. Again, it was very standard and fair except for the last part which would have been a bit hit or miss with students, depending on whether they saw what the puzzle was.

Question 4 was on trigonometry. At first glance, one of the measurements in the last part was slightly off putting, but if students stuck with it, they would have realised that they only required Junior Cycle maths to solve it.

Question 5 was on statistics. It was a very straight forward question on hypothesis testing and the solution boxes on the paper had headings which would have helped guide students through the answers.

Question 6 was of geometry. Part c was interesting as there were multiple ways to approach a solution, but it may not have been a popular question with students.


Question 7 was on volume and geometry. Most of the question was very accessible, but the end was trickier. The middle part of the question also involved trigonometry which may not have been obvious to students.

Question 8 was a fair and standard question on statistics and probability.

Question 9 was on trigonometry again. Parts a and b were lovely, but parts c and d looked quite complicated. There was a lot of text and some complicated diagrams in both, but actually the questions were more straightforward than they appeared.

Question 10 was all probability again, examining the normal curve and Bernoulli trials. This was mostly fine, but the last two parts were more challenging. Part d in particular would have required some creative thinking. Part e also appeared quite labour intensive, considering it was the last part of the exam.