Maths Paper 2 (O): Very nicely written with a good mix of topics

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Reaction to Leaving Cert 2022 Maths Paper 2 (Ordinary Level) by Jean Kelly, Maths teacher at The Institute of Education.

Overall, this was a very manageable paper, which was very nicely written and had a good mix of topics within the questions.

Questions were very clear and precise, with enough scaffolding to walk students clearly through each part of each question.


Question 1 was on the line. There was nothing out of the ordinary here, and the question was straightforward and nicely phrased.

Question 2 was on the circle. Students would need to have known about central symmetry to get through it but part a was lovely. Again, students were led nicely through the question.

Question 3 was on statistics and probability. It was a lovely question and very straight forward.

Question 4 was on statistics. It was very clear and precise, and a pie chart and the Empirical Rule came up as expected.

Question 5 was a fine mixture of area and trigonometry. There was nothing that would scare students here.

Question 6 was on the dreaded geometry, but it was a very nicely asked question.


Question 7 was a lovely mixture of statistics and probability. It had a very manageable back-to-back stem and leaf plot, which led students quite nicely into the probability part of the question.

Question 8 was a mixture of trigonometry and area & volume. Again, it was very manageable, and the questions were phrased in a way that led students through to the next part.

Question 9 was again a mixture of trigonometry area & volume. At first glance students might have been thrown by the first part, but if they read it properly and got stuck into the question, they would have found it more manageable. I like the way they threw in a bit of dilations there too.

Question 10 was again on statistics and probability. Heavily anticipated topics appeared- margin of error, 95% confidence interval and hypothesis testing. These have been on the paper every year since 2015. Expected value was there in all its glory too.