Music- Listening & Composing (H): Straightforward & manageable papers

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Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2022 Music- Listening & Composing papers (Higher Level) by Dr. Susan McCormick, Music teacher at The Institute of Education.

These were both straightforward and manageable papers that students will be really happy with.

Listening Paper:

The questions on this year’s music listening paper mirrored those of last year, with many questions asking students to identify features and to compare and contrast excerpts.

Students were awarded the luxury of having fewer questions per excerpt than has traditionally been the case, and the dictation questions stood alone.

Composing Paper:

Students were only required to answer 1 question this year – either a melody or a harmony.

Most students will have opted for question 1 Melody (this year a non-upbeat minor key) or question 5 Harmony.

I anticipate that the majority of students will have attempted question 5. This question was lovely and very doable, providing students didn’t overcomplicate the simple nature of the bass. It had clear cadential points and chord options for each box, allowing the students to create beautiful chord progressions.