Exam Times – Biology

David Bourke, who has been teaching Biology at The Institute of Education for 40 years, explains the distribution of questions on the Biology paper and advises how students should approach each section… COMMON ERRORS Make sure not to change the

Exam Times – English

A clear understanding of the PCLM marking scheme (Purpose; Cohesiveness; Language; Mechanics) is crucial if students are to maximise their performance in the Leaving Cert English exam. Cian Hogan, English teacher at The Institute of Education, explains why… Understanding the

Exam Times – Irish

The Leaving Cert Higher Level Irish exam changed radically in 2012. Fifty per cent of the overall marks are now awarded for communicative Irish, with the oral exam worth forty per cent and the aural worth ten per cent. Clare

Exam Times – German

The Reading Comprehension section of the Leaving Cert German exam is vitally important as it carries thirty per cent of the overall marks for the exam. Orla Ní Shuilleabháin, who has been teaching German at The Institute of Education for

Exam Times – Spanish

The Spanish Oral Exam is worth 25% of your overall marks in the Leaving Certificate. Agueda Keegan, who has been teaching Spanish at The Institute of Education for 28 years, has some key advice for students preparing for their oral