Nutrition talk with Brian Gregan

Nutrition and how to eat well in the lead up to the exams is the theme of Brian Gregan’s talk for full-time students here in the Institute this month.

It can be difficult to maintain good eating habits when you’re preparing for exams. It’s easy to snack on sugary foods, but this can negatively affect your energy levels and ability to focus.

In this month’s talk, as part of our Health & Fitness Programme here in the Institute, Brian will look at how to eat healthy on the go. What are the best options to choose from on a menu and how can you eat well on a budget?

The talk will include tips on meal planning and preparation for busy students. What are the key meals students should be eating? What is the optimal portion size? What are the best snacks to eat before and after exams?

Finally, Brian will do a run through of supplements. What are the key supplements? What is the research behind them and what are the dangers associated with them?