Philosophy classes

Philosophy classes

Our 6th Year Philosophy course began at the start of October and provides an optional subject for our full-time students to take that enriches their other studies. The year started with a focus on ancient Philosophy, examining the questions at the heart of Philosophy’s early years.

From there we progressed on to the great figure heads of ancient Greece: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. We saw how these thinkers engaged with the ideas and traditions before them but also set in motion various intellectual concerns that are still relevant today.

From there we progressed into the area of Neo-Platonic philosophy. It is here that we encounter many Roman thinkers, as the centres of learning shift under new influences in academic life.

This timeline will culminate after midterm with a look at the ideas and influence of Thomas Aquinas. This is to see how some of the classical concepts have remained while others have been left behind.

After this we will move on to dealing with some philosophical questions that span time periods and see how different voices from the past and present see the world and our role within it.

Classes take place every Wednesday and Friday at 3.30pm in Room 1-3 and all full-time students are welcome to attend.