RCSI MyHealth TY Programme

7 students from the Institute are getting the opportunity to experience what it’s like to study medicine and work as a doctor as part of the the RCSI MyHealth Transition Year programme this week.

In the article below, one of the students, Charlie Maye, tells us a bit about his experience on the programme so far. 

This week, a small group of Institute students and I have been attending the RCSI Mini-Med 4th year programme, an informative and well run course in the Royal College of Surgeons for 4th year students considering studying medicine after the Leaving Certificate.

At the time of writing this, we have just completed the third day of the course. Some of the highlights of today included watching and being talked through a real life laparoscopic surgery performed by Dr Arnold Hill, and learning about the roles and responsibilities of a pathologist.

The Mini-Med course mostly consists of these engaging and interesting lectures, where different doctors speak to our 250 strong group of 4th years from different schools around the country, with the aim of educating us about their specialty, and helping us to decide if medicine really is the course for us.

We have also heard from patients and current students of the RCSI, talking about their journey and personal experience within our healthcare system. Perhaps the most exciting part of the course to date was watching a baby being born by caesarean section, on two large screens in the state-of-the art Desmond Auditorium.

There are too many great experiences to list, and I speak on behalf of all of the 4th years on the course when I say we are looking forward to the two remaining days. I would greatly recommend the Mini-Med programme to anyone considering studying medicine, as it really paints an excellent picture of life as a medical professional.