Relocating to Dublin post-Brexit?

With Brexit negotiations due to officially start next month, the prospect for many professionals in the UK of relocating with their families to countries elsewhere in the European Union is becoming a reality.

Dublin in Ireland is emerging as a popular destination for those considering the move, not least because of the proximity and shared language.

Education is another area where shared similarities may make this move easier, with the final state examination, the Irish Leaving Certificate, (equivalent to the A-Levels), being recognised by universities across the world.

In general, students take five or more subjects (usually seven) for the Irish Leaving Certificate. Each subject is assessed through a written examination at the end of the programme of study. Some subjects are also assessed by additional methods including oral and aural examinations, practical examinations and coursework. The written examination is held in June each year and examination results are available in the middle of August.

“Relocating with school-age children is one of the biggest challenges a family can face,” says Peter Kearns, Director of The Institute of Education, a private 6th form college in Dublin. “We have already seen a significant rise in enquiries about available school places for next September. As Ireland’s leading 6th form college, we’re ideally positioned to help families solve one piece of the relocation puzzle.”

Centrally located in Dublin City Centre, the school is easily accessible by all means of public transport. “For parents who want the best for their children, we remove some of the uncertainty over relocating to Dublin and the choice of school. We have the best teachers in the country, and send more students to universities in Ireland and around the world than any other school in Ireland”, he says. “We have years of experience welcoming students from the UK, and our flexible, year-round enrolment policy means that students can join at any stage throughout the academic year.”

As The Institute of Education is a 6th form college, only taking students from 15 years of age, the school has the structures already in place to ensure that each student’s transition is smooth and stress free. A dedicated team of learning advisors work with students to familiarise them with the Irish education system and exam requirements, and a study skills supervisor and resource teacher provide learning supports as required. A team of career guidance counsellors also work with students to select suitable subjects for their final year, and assist with making applications to colleges and universities through the CAO and UCAS.

If you’re considering relocating your family to Dublin, and want to discuss your options for schools, call 353 1 661 3511 /